Oleśnickie Centrum Obrazowania

ul. Armii Krajowej 1
56-400 Oleśnica
tel.: (+48) (71) 399 35 30

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Computer Tomography Laboratory is equipped with new Siemens computer tomograph, Somatom Emotion – spiral, with 16-rows.

This device allows for quick and precise tomographic diagnostics. The tomograph is equipped with full and complete software – together with the recent diagnosis supporting applications, so called CAD (Computed Aided Diagnosis), which can be used in neurology, oncology and vessels imaging. The tomograph software enables performing many types of reconstructions of examined anatomical areas, including 3D imaging and so called virtual imaging.

Our laboratory offers full scope of patient CT scan:

  • Head CT
  • Central nervous system perfusion CT
  • Facial skeleton and neck CT
  • Thorax CT
  • Abdominal cavity CT
  • Small pelvis CT
  • Examination of lower and upper jaws before and after placing dental implants (dental CT)
  • Post-traumatic and orthopedic CT scan
  • CT angiography
  • Vertebral vessels angioCT
  • Carotid and vertebral arteries angioCT
  • Aortic arch and thoracic aorta vessels CT
  • Abdominal aorta angioCT, angioCT of splanchnic and renal arteries

Magnetic Resonance Laboratory at American Heart of Poland Clinics in Oleśnica

The Magnetic Resonance Laboratory is equipped with modern magnetic resonance, Symphony Maestro Class of the Company Siemens – characterized by high resolution and high magnetic field strength 1.5T.

The Magnetic Resonance enables visualization of human body interior in all possible planes. The magnetic resonance method is safe and does not involve using ionizing radiation.

Our laboratory offers full scope of MR examinations:

  • head MR
  • hypophys MR
  • orbital MR
  • petrous pyramid MR
  • facial skeleton MR
  • nasal sinuses MR
  • spinal column and spinal cord MR in the segments (carotid, thoracic and lumbosacral segment)
  • osteoarticular system MR
  • abdominal cavity MR
  • small pelvis MR
  • vessels MR
  • cholangio MR

It should always be remembered that heart pacemakers, neurostimulators, implanted hearing aids, metallic intracranial clips, and metallic bodies in the eye make an absolute counter indication for the use of magnetic resonance imaging examination. A relative counter indication include metal, metallic orthopedic implants, artificial joints, wires, screws and stabilizers, metallic foreign bodies in human organism and artificial cardiac valves.

The laboratories are equipped with two modern automatic syringes allowing for making examinations in various vascular phases, after previous contrast medium administering (arterial, venous phase).

The CT and MR examinations, secondary data reconstruction and their analysis are performed by qualified and experienced staff, composed of electrocardiography technicians and physicians specializing in imagining diagnostics.