Małopolskie Centrum Sercowo-Naczyniowe PAKS

Topolowa street 16 (Szpital Powiatowy)
32-500 Chrzanów
tel.: (+48) (32) 625 81 20, (+48) (32) 625 81 30
fax: (+48) (32) 625 81 25


Atherosclerosis is, doubtless, a disease whose treatment requires involvement of physicians of different specialties and their collaboration underlies correct diagnostics and treatment of the patients. Clinical departments where patients with atherosclerosis are usually hospitalized are departments of cardiology and vascular surgery which in Polish conditions most frequently operate as separate entities. It seems to be an advantageous idea to create an organizational entity including both of those clinical departments. Patients with disseminated atherosclerosis could benefit the most from the existence of such an entity. They could be provided with complex diagnostics and treatment of atherosclerosis of the entire vascular tree as well as the possibility of rapid therapeutic management of complications.

The above mentioned target motivated the American Heart of Poland to open  in October 2009 the Małopolskie (Little Poland) Heart and Vessels Center on the basis of the District Hospital in Chrzanów.   The center is one of the first ones in Poland wherein an invasive cardiology department, vascular surgery department and magnetic resonance laboratory are located. This enables to evaluate a patient’s condition in a complex manner in terms of diseases of the heart and vessels.  Such a solution is of particular benefit for patients with atherosclerosis, which is seldom limited to a single vascular area. 

The Małopolskie Heart and Vessels Center is on duty 24 hours a day for emergencies of hemodynamic and vascular nature. There are twelve cardiological inpatient beds and twelve vascular surgery inpatient beds. The Magnetic Resonance Laboratory is equipped with a modern 1.5 Tesla Philips Intera MR scanner. The Ultrasonography Laboratory allows to perform echocardiography examinations and to assess the condition of peripheral vessels.

All the Clinics run by the American Heart of Poland render their services free of charge under contracts with the National Health Fund and on the fee basis as a private health care provider. 

Medical services offered by the Małopolskie (Little Poland) Heart and Vessels Center:

·        Treatment of acute coronary conditions at the department of intense cardiological therapy (myocardial infarction, unstable coronary disease)

·        Coronarography

·        Coronary angioplasty including stent implantation

·        Mitral valvuloplasty

·        Peripheral angiography

·        Angioplasty, including stent implantation in renal, iliac, and lower extremity arteries

·        Carotid artery stenting

·        Carotid artery operations

·        Aortic stent-graft implantation

·        By-pass surgery in aortoiliac, aortofemoral and femoropopliteal segments

·        Surgery of abdominal aortic aneurysms and iliac aneurysms

·        Varix surgery including saphenectomy, intravascular laser varix surgery, local varicectomy, and variceal sclerotherapy

·        Specialist medical consultation

·        CDD (color duplex Doppler) examination – different areas.

The Magnetic Resonance Laboratory of the Małopolskie (Little Poland) Heart and Vessels Center:

The Laboratory performs the full range of MRI examinations:

·        MRI of the head

·        MRI of the pituitary gland

·        MRI of the orbital cavities

·        MRI of petrous pyramids

·        MRI of the facial skeleton

·        MRI of the nasal sinuses

·        MRI of the spine and the spinal cord in segments (cervical, thoracic, and lubar-sacral)

·        MRI of the osteoarticular system

·        MRI of the abdominal cavity

·         MRI of the pelvis minor

·        MRI of the vessels

·        MRI of the biliary tract (cholangiography)


Małopolskie Centrum Sercowo-Naczyniowe

Małopolskie Centrum Sercowo-Naczyniowe

Małopolskie Centrum Sercowo-Naczyniowe

Małopolskie Centrum Sercowo-Naczyniowe

Małopolskie Centrum Sercowo-Naczyniowe

Małopolskie Centrum Sercowo-Naczyniowe

Małopolskie Centrum Sercowo-Naczyniowe

Małopolskie Centrum Sercowo-Naczyniowe

Małopolskie Centrum Sercowo-Naczyniowe